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A leading pharmaceutical company involved in contracting with local and international pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to import, market and distribute pharma care products with clear vision to actively participate in the promotion of health care and wellbeing among Jordan population.


To provide a high-quality product that meets the local market, governmental sector and all healthcare provider’s needs ultimately helping improve quality of community health.

We conduct our business interaction with transparency and integrity with honest competition.

We are passionately loyal to improving healthcare and lifestyle in the local market, equipped with up-to-date quality assurance requirements and pharmacovigilance awareness implantation.

We advocate and support education and awareness through our valuable partnership with our healthcare network

We are nonbiased indistinguishable organization based on democracy and equal opportunity for all.

We believe in equal treatment of employees, and that rewards be based on realistic performance measures that reflects their excellence in the job and adherence to professional conduct, to reward those who shine but also to build the capacity of those who aspire to grow professionally.

We encourage in-house continues education and continuous upgrading knowledge.


To become one of Jordan’s unique pharmaceutical organizations when it comes to values, customer experience and diversity of products

We endeavour adopting excellence in importing niche innovations from world-class brands to satisfy all consumers needing health care: prescription and non-prescription, medical devices utilizing our experienced staff.


Private Market Business

Jerash Drugstore has a strong sales force of medical representatives and supervisors for scientific medical detailing calling on doctors and hospitals, along with salesmen calling on hospitals and pharmacies for sales and collection.

The medical promotion teams are responsible for creating partnerships with doctors and generating prescriptions which are filled by the patients at pharmacies.

The sales team is responsible for making sure that pharmacies and hospitals are well stocked with our products. We deal directly with approximately 70% of pharmacies in Jordan and with the rest indirectly through wholesalers.

Institutional Business

Jerash Drugstore is an active competitor in all private and public sector / tenders with a proven track record.

Jerash Drugstore maintains access and good contact with key people in institutional businesses (JPD [Ministry of Health Hospitals, Jordan University Hospital, King Abdullah University Hospital], King Hussein Cancer Center, Directorate of Royal Medical Services, Prince Hamza Hospital) with a significant volume of business throughout the years.



Our partner since 1996, one of the active German pharmaceutical companies in the development and research of products in the areas of neurological disorders, Liver management, Dermatology, Hair loss, scar management, and Aesthetic science


Our partner since 1992, JPM is an innovative local manufacturing company delivering high-quality and affordable branded and generic patented medicines, medical devices to patients


A well-known company operating in the pharma-cosmetic industry in Poland, Pharmann specialized in dermo-cosmetic and cosmeceuticals products which focus on Hyperpigmentation, Acne, and Emollients.

Pharmann also focuses on research and development activities, production and marketing of dermatology and aesthetic medicine, dermo-cosmetic and cosmeceuticals. When developing their products pharmann introduces the newest developments in biotechnology-innovative peptide technologies and modern skin penetration systems (liposomes)


A leading Belgium manufacturer specialized in medical devices and cosmetic products, With Sylphar’s brand “REMESCAR”, we offer instant visible skincare solutions with instant effect products that positively impact self-confidence with clinically proven effect, Sylphar also offers innovative technology, Herpatch products that treat cold sores and mouth ulcers


Our partner since 2017, Benecheck from Taiwan, provides a comprehensive monitoring system for professional and end users. Monitoring systems include multifunction meters and superior strips (Benecheck system with three tests to measure blood glucose, total cholesterol and uric acid in one device)


The most dynamic Romanian pharmaceutical manufacturer of drugs. Produces over 100 products that cover 15 therapeutical areas, Our partner as the sole agent for GIT line since 2021


More than 30 years of experience in Marketing and Sales within pharmaceutical industry and the promotion of health care products

Operational Excellence

Connecting with more than 2300 pharmacies and a network of 1000 health care professionals in the private and governmental sector.


Exclusive distributor for best-selling items in hair loss, scar management, Neurology, GI, Food supplements and many others. 

Quality Assurance

Jerash Drugstore has a full-fledged quality system with documented procedures and SOPs covering all aspects of its operation.

Regulatory Affairs

Jerash Drugstore has an experienced and well networked regulatory team that handles all registration matters as well as other regulatory services.


Jerash  Drugstore   has a well-structured  and effective PV System (Pharmacovigilance  Sub-System   Master  File)  that  is  in  compliance with local  and international  regulations and requirements.  A  Qualified   Responsible Person  of  Pharmacovigilance / Local  Safety Responsible (LSR) with a qualified back-up are managing the PV System.

Exclusive Distributor

Enjoying good rapport with government and private sector’s employees which facilitates good sales and timely collection. 

Warehouse & Distribution

Jerash Drugstore has a warehouse suitable for the storage of pharmaceuticals in compliance with GSDP and regulations. JDS warehouses are outfitted with security system, firefighting system.

All warehousing and distribution operations are covered by SOP’s.


Al-Jamea’ system provides an online sales and stock reports and ability to assign targets and follow up on the results by region, city, area, salesman, medical rep, customer, brand and product in any combination.

JDSCRM web/mobile system to plan, track, and generate reports on field force visits to pharmacies, doctors, health professionals, and beauty shops

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